The Happiness Tag

Hello darlings! For this tag I was tagged by Michaela and Journey into books, and you can find the link to her post here. I thought this tag was absolutely darling, so I decided it would make a sweet blog post. For this tag, I will follow what Michaela and Emma did in their tags, and post 5 things and 5 songs that make me happy. *Emma’s name is linked to her post!*

5 Things that make me happy

  1. So, obviously I’m going to list books as my first thing. Reading, finishing, starting, buying, anything to do with books makes me happy, just as I’m sure it makes you happy! But I also love telling people about the recent books I’ve read, or when I find out one of my friends read a book I recommended to them, and they liked it! It’s such a satisfying feeling.
  2. My second choice shouldn’t come as a surprise either, so of course it’s going to be Disney. Whether it’s a Disney movie, Disney park, or Disney songs, I am all about it. Disney fills my heart with a specific type of joy that I can’t find anywhere else.
  3. It wouldn’t be a truthful list if I didn’t have something scary on it, so Halloween is also making this list. Even as child, I would beg my mom to let me watch scary movies with her. I love them. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and everything that comes along with it is the best. The haunted houses, pumpkin carving, scary movies. It’s the best.
  4. My fourth item, I decided, are airports. I couldn’t tell you why, but I love airports. I always have. I remember being little and my mom saying we were going somewhere, and me always getting extra excited when I found out we would be flying. I would get stressed out and I would drive to our local airport in my town.
  5. As my final item that brings me happiness, I think I’d have to list children. When I was seven years old my first nephew was born, with a second one following 20 days later. Ever since then, I have absolutely loved kids. I now have 10 nieces and nephews and one of my close friends has a daughter that I love to the moon and back.

5 songs that make me happy

Oh dear. This is going to be hard because I have such a strange taste of music, and I don’t keep updated on it. Like at all. Here goes nothing I suppose!

  1. The first song that comes to mind when I think of happiness is going to be Hawaiian Roller Coaster ride from Lilo & Stitch. Lilo & Stitch is my favorite Disney movie, and this song just gets to me every time. (Link to the YouTube video here.)
  2. My second song is like my soul in song form. Which can be none other than Fergalicious by Fergie. This. Is. My. Song. No matter how old I am, this song will always be my jam. From beginning to end I will scream this song at the top of my lungs. (YouTube link here.)
  3. Along with my love of all things scary and Halloween, a song that I can hear in the middle of February and always be excited is the Monster Mash. Yes, I know, what a weird song to add to this list, but I think you guys may underestimate how excited I always am for the fall. (YouTube link here.)
  4. For my fourth song, I’ve decided to include Maroon 5’s payphone. I discovered this song way back in the day when I had just discovered what YouTube was. Even now, this song is still one I sing every time I hear it come on. (Explicit link here, clean link here,)
  5. My last song is going to be Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright. Many of you know this song from the first Shrek movie *Love of my life* and I always listen to this song when I’m feeling some type of way, and it just makes me feel content on the inside. (YouTube link here.)

So that will tie up my five songs, and looking back on them, I chose really weird songs. Oh well, this is fine.
That is going to end this tag, and later this week I will have a series review up for Legend! I just barely finished Champion, and I loved it! I’m so glad I finally read the series! Until next time,

Happy reading,


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