Where I have been

Well hello there again, my loves. It has been quite the while since I posted, and I really wish I had a good reason as to why I have been absent. Things did get crazy with me for a while when I came home from Florida, but for the most part, I’ve been lazy. I kept thinking “You need to post to your blog. You miss it.” And I definitely did. But I just didn’t post. Yesterday I woke up to one of the sweetest comments I have ever read from Kayyreads. *Check out how cute her blog is!*  After reading her comment, I decided that I’m going to get it together and blog more.
If you’re wondering where I have been, the answer has mainly been work, and my bed. Things got really crazy for a few days because I moved out! *yay!* Aaaand then moved back in with my parents two days later. *boo* Long story short, there were many things wrong with the house we had moved into and decided it wasn’t fit for us to live in. So we moved back home and all of my books have been boxed up and scattered between my garage, room, and a storage unit. Although that took up about a length of 4 days, most of my stress has been from that awful experience.
Bookwise, I have not been anywhere really. I finished reading Lord of Shadows and loved it! The ending definitely had me feeling some type of way. Once I finished LoS, I started reading And I Darken by Kiersten White. I thought it was strange at first, but then started to like it, and then ended up not finishing it. After I cut my loses with And I Darken, I decided to read This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp, and I loved it. I had to try to not cry when I finished it at work. I am now currently reading The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu, and I am a big fan so far. I loved the first one and I’m part way through the second.
I’m going to wrap things up for this post, darlings. Due to the fact that the month is nearing an end, I will not be posting a Plans for July. I will do a tag before the month ends, and I will probably post a Plans for August early because I will be gone the first week of August due to me getting my wisdom teeth out. Until next time,

Happy reading,


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