Plans for May (Personal)

Hello again darlings! If you don’t already know why I’m posting two May Plans posts, you can find out why here. To keep this as short as possible I’m going to dive right in.

May is going to be one of the best months of the year for me, I can already tell. For those of you who don’t know, which is probably all of you, I am still a senior in high school. However, when May and school mix, that can only mean that I’m graduating soon!! Yay!! Along with graduation comes a senior trip. I, however, will not be going on a senior trip with my class, because Mykenna and I are going to Disney World instead! Mykenna and I are huge Disney fans, and you guys have no clue how excited I am for this trip. Also, we live in southern corner of Utah, so travelling from Utah to Florida is exciting! (And terrifying!) We’re staying on the resort and will be in Florida for eight days. So that means I will be absent for a while. 😦 I promise I won’t forget about you guys and I will keep blogging until the very last minute.

Today is also the first day of my new job, so I’d appreciate it if you sent some luck my way. If you’ve been to Disney World recently, or plan to go soon, let me know! Let’s talk about our Disney addictions.

Happy reading,




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  2. journeyintobooks · May 1, 2017

    Good luck on you new job. I hope you enjoy Disney World I was there last year and it was amazing 😀

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  3. Is this your first time going to Disney World? I’ve only ever been to Disneyland in Paris but I really want to go to Florida one day too! And I hope your first day at your job went well 🙂

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    • brisbooksite · May 5, 2017

      Thank you! It has been going well.😌 and it’s not. I’ve been to the Disneyland in California multiple times, and Disney World in Florida once before. But that was a long time ago, and we only did Animal Kingdom. I want to go to Disneyland in Paris so bad!😍

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      • Ah that’s so cool!! I’ve only been to Disneyland in Paris twice but I loved it! And Paris is just a beautiful city in general so I hope you get to go there one day! 😇

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